You've Been Tying Your Converse Wrong All This Time

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Converse have been a fashion staple since 1908. But there's one thing you never knew about them.

Sure, the side holes on your Converse allow the shoe to "breathe," making sure your feet don't stank if you opt to go sans sock, but they also have a different purpose.

So what else can you do with those two random holes on the side of the shoe?

First, take the laces out of the first two regular holes at the top of your shoe.

Get ready 'cause that weird side hole is coming into play now. Run the lace through the first side hole (the one closest to the front of the shoe) from the inside of the shoe toward the outside.

Okay, now run the lace through the second side hole from the outside of the shoe toward the inside.

Now go back to the regular holes, or the "mainstream" holes, and go back to lacing up the shoes the regular way.

This method, also known as "bar lacing" gives your Chucky T's a snugger fit, if you're into that kind of thing.

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