You'll Never Guess How Many Likes Kylie Jenner Got on Instagram in 2015

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You know that excited feeling you get when you break 100 likes on an Instagram photo?

Take that, and multiply it by ten thousand (!), and that’s what Kylie Jenner feels like every time she posts a picture.

A website called 2015bestnine is allowing Instagram users to see their top nine photos—that is, which nine photos received the most likes on their profile. 

It pretty much goes without saying that each of the Kardashian-Jenner family members have accrued copious amounts of likes, but it turns out Kylie Jenner has beaten everyone out. 

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star announced on Instagram Sunday that she received over 1 billion likes on 960 posts in 2015. 1,057,803,339 to be exact.

Among the top nine pics were a couple of landmark moments in Kim Kardashian's little sister's life — such as her graduation, her birthday celebration and one of her raciest ever photo shoots, which showed her posing in a revealing (and wet) little black dress.

Surprisingly, it wasn't a bikini shot or the racy pic of her in a wet LBD that got the attention of most of her fans.

The most liked photo with over 2.3 million double taps was her graduation snap! Klassy!

Unsurprisingly, Kim Kardashian came in a close second, receiving more than 875 million likes for her top nine photos, the majority of which included daughter North West.

Makes your social media presence look like a joke, doesn’t it?

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