You’ll Never Believe What Starbucks Banned Its Baristas From Wearing

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Apparently Starbucks is really concerned with diamonds falling into coffee cups, thus creating a choking hazard.

Starbucks's new dress code policy that forbids them from wearing engagement rings or other rings with stones.

The coffee giant just released a new dress code for employees, and there is one certain forbidden accessory that is really pissing baristas off.

The company now has a rule against their employees wearing engagement rings that contain precious gems to work. Wedding bands are fine, but engagement rings with stones are big no-no’s.

This is the kind of bling Starbucks would just hate.

According to the reasoning in the guidelines, that kind of jewelry is a “food safety” concern.

"Wearing a ring is okay if it's a plain band, no stones," it says on the infographic. "Unfortunately, no watches, bracelets or wristbands are allowed. Simple necklaces can be worn under your clothes."

Starbucks employees and others took to social media to share their disapproval of the new rules.

Some workers have signed an online petition asking Starbucks to reverse its decision.

Starbucks' new dress code also allows most tattoos and even nose studs.

The dress code also reversed the company's policy on tattoos, which are now permitted to an extent -- as long as the ink doesn’t appear on their neck or face.

Apparently body ink has received a blessing, but most of the bling has been banned!

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