You Really Have To See These Guys Pretending To Be Basic Girls on Instagram

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For anyone who is tired of those typical Instagram snaps of girls enjoying their perfect, authentic, Pinterest-ready lives, you're not alone. 

Seriously, how many coffee cups with an amaro filter do you think we want to see?! 

But did you know ladies aren’t the only ones embracing their inner basicness?

Allow me to introduce you to “Bros Being Basic.” 

The account, founded by Atlanta-based blogger Ashley Hesseltine and a group of her male friends, essentially consists of a load of hot men doing things 'girls do'. 

Cue a shedload of stereotypes, granted, but we're still enjoying the end result immensely.

Because who doesn't want to witness a man in a face mask sipping champagne in a bubble bath? And TBH, with all the photos combined, they're pretty much summing up our dream life.

So, behold, then take a look at the pictures below to see a bunch of bros who are more basic than bitches.

Brilliant. Now where can we get one of our very own?

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