Writing an Anime Essay? These 8 Topic Ideas Would Be the Perfect Choice

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Have you ever been tired of choosing topics for essays?

So, why not write an essay about anime? Acutally, anime gives us so many topics to research.

So here is a list of the best topic ideas when you decide to write an anime essay.

1. Manga and American Comics

It must be interesting to contrast the differences found between Manga and American Comics.

Manga features heroes who overcome their challenges with help from friends.

American comics have heroes who overcome challenges through their personal grit and ability.


2. Goku vs. Superman

Look at the cultural differences between these two iconic heroes.

Compare how each represents the ideals of their respective societies.

This will let you write about Japanese Confucian ideals and American Judaeo-Christian ideals.

3. Anime and Homosexual/Transgender Concerns

Anime often features transgender and ambiguously gendered characters.

Why? Let's take a look at how anime explores homosexuality and transgender concerns.

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