Would You Stick Your Arms in A Hole And Blindly Get An Unknown Tattoo?

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Usually, when getting a tattoo, you walk into the parlor knowing exactly what you want.

However, what if we told you there are quite a few brave souls out there who agreed to get tattoos without knowing what the designs would be? Well, there are!

Scott Campbell is a mega famous and talented tattoo artist. Here he is tattooing Marc Jacobs. Yep, that Marc Jacobs.

He's married to certified awesome actress Lake Bell, who ironically has no tattoos. But he's also tattooed people like Orlando Bloom, Josh Hartnett, and Penelope Cruz.

For his latest project, Campbell offered to tattoo strangers for free. With a catch! They would have to be willing to let him tat whatever he wanted on their arms, and they wouldn't be allowed to see it until after he was done.

Just look at the pensiveness on people's face. Or is it resigned fear?

As Campbell posted each new tattoo to his Instagram page, he included the same caption on the photo: "Thank you for your confidence."

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