Who Is The Greatest Super Bowl Champion?

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It is a question that is often asked, but one that is quite difficult to answer. Every team that has hoisted the Lombardi Trophy has been great, but some were just better than others. As Super Bowl XLIX draws near, we start the list with the "worst" team ever to win it all.

New England Patriots, Super Bowl XXXIX

Super Bowl XXXIX
Game changed in 2004 when Corey Dillon gained 1,635 yards on the ground and took pressure off quarterback Tom Brady. The Patriots went 14-2 for the second consecutive season and beat the Eagles 24-21 in the Super Bowl.

New England made a habit of winning tight battles in the Super Bowl, but that's what great teams do.

Dallas Cowboys, Super Bowl XXVII

Dallas Cowboys
In 1992, the NFL's youngest team was also its best, as the Dallas Cowboys won Super Bowl XXVII 52-17 over the Buffalo Bills.

The Cowboys featured the league's top-ranked defense and an offense led by future Hall of Famers Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin. The team's 13-3 record was impressive and set the table for Dallas' early '90s dynasty.

Green Bay Packers, Super Bowl I

Green Bay Packers
By the time the first Super Bowl rolled around, the Green Bay Packers were already in the midst of a bona fide dynasty. This would be the Packers' fourth championship since 1961 and featured an MVP campaign from Bart Starr.

San Francisco 49ers, Super Bowl XXIV

San Francisco 49ers
Consider this for just a minute: The San Francisco 49ers outscored their opponents 126-26 in the playoffs.

Quarterback Joe Montana had perhaps the best season of his illustrious career, Jerry Rice caught 17 touchdown passes and the defense allowed just 15.8 points per game.

Chicago Bears, Super Bowl XX

Chicago Bears
When the greatest defenses of all time are brought up, the 1985 Chicago Bears are always in the discussion, featuring Mike Singletary, William Perry, Dave Duerson and many others. The Bears defense had it all, and unlike many other Super Bowl winners, they also had a great offensive force in Walter Payton.

Pittsburgh Steelers, Super Bowl XIII

Super Bowl XIII
The 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers were the best team of the "Steel Curtain" era, and that is a tremendous distinction.

Including head coach Chuck Noll, Pittsburgh featured 10 future Hall of Famers. The Steelers dominated opponents early and often, finishing the season with a 14-2 record and an eventual victory over the rival Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl.

Miami Dolphins, Super Bowl VII

Miami Dolphins
Could the Miami Dolphins be anywhere else on this list? Forget that other teams may have had better offenses or better defenses.

What we pretty sure is that no other team in NFL history has ever gone undefeated wire-to-wire. Until another team does, the 1972 Miami Dolphins will forever be No. 1.

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