What Would the World Be Like If Dinosaurs Were Still Alive?

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Roarrrrrrrrr! The dinosaurs are back, and they’re even bigger than ever! Awesome! However, the bad news is we’re not 3 years old anymore, and of course we know they’re not real.

These big monsters died out millions of years ago, likely on account of a giant comet hitting the Earth and dramatically altering the planet's atmosphere and causing the great thunder lizards to go extinct.

Slowly, since that fateful comet, human beings evolved to become the dominant species on the planet. But what if that comet hadn't hit, and dinosaurs had lived? What would our lives be like then?

Street Gangs Would Be Way More Terrifying

It's scary enough running into the Crips or MS-13 street gangs...

There Would Be Less Sexual Harassment Of Secretaries

You try sexually harassing a Raptor and see what happens. I dare you.

Almost No One Would Survive Delta Flights

Delta's big on cutting corners to keep costs low, so they would naturally just hire pterodactyls at cut rate to save money on fuel. But pterodactyls are unforunately notorious for feasting on the things on their back, and swooping down into the ocean to catch fish at hundreds of miles an hour, which is very definitely to survive, especially in coach.

Fundamentalists Still Wouldn't Believe In Them

Good lord, those people are stubborn.

Dinosaur Jokes Would Be Considered Racist And Only Told by Drunk Annoying Uncles At Family Reunions

Uncle Rick: "Why did The T. Rex cross the road?" Steve: "Rick, keep it down, Andrea's new boyfriend's right there."

The Routines On Glee Would Be Harder To Choreograph

Glee is all about being totally correct about having every kind of person on it's cast, so it would have to have a dinosaur, which would make the human pyramid way, way harder to execute.

We'd Still Be At War In Iraq And Afghanistan

Dinosaurs or no, they got the oil man! Follow the money, follow the oil!

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