What If Your Favorite Disney Characters Had Instagram?

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who can take the prettiest selfie of them all?

Italian artist Simona Bonafini has created some pretty accurate pictures of what it would actually look like if your favourite Disney characters had Instagram.

And and the results are pretty much spot-on.

Because of course zero-to-hero Herc would snap a pic mid-workout, and the power-obsessed Evil Queen would definitely ask for more Insta followers while pouting in front of her Magic Mirror. It's almost too magically perfect.

Not only are the actual Instagram photos spot on, but so are the comments left by other characters. 

For example, after Gaston proudly posts his hairy chest via a bathroom mirror pic, Belle leaves a crying emoji with the words "OMG" underneath. Or the emoji could be a sweating sad face, we're not sure. Either way, Belle is not having it.

You also have to take in the details in the background of all these Instagram pics, which make this photo series truly special.

Merlin is in Hawaii on vacation, and obviously Lilo and Stitch get in a subtle photobomb.

So who would you follow? (Hercules, right?)

Hercules has abs to rival Calvin Harris.

Cinderella would give us MAJOR shoe envy.

Jasmine is not someone you'd want to follow if PDAs annoy you. 

This one is just adorable

Fun fact: Alice’s username, Alice1951, is a reference to the year the Disney film came out.

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