What If Male Superheroes Were Draw Like the Female Ones

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A new female superhero, Jessica Jones is on her way to save the world. That means we are about to see Krysten Ritter in the sexy costume. Awesome!

Speaking of which, it's no secret that female characters are portrayed in a different way than their male counterparts are in comic art.

For example, this one by Kevinbolk:

Now you understand that there’s difference between exaggerating muscles and exaggerating someone’s butt.

Of course, “The Avengers” model, with its pathetic 5: 1 male/ female ratio and then sexualizing that lone female, is not unique to that group of superheroes.

Check out the Justice League’s latest cover. Notice any similarity?

Now take a look at Coelasquid’s “If Superheroes Posed Like Wonder Woman.”

It shows so clearly that it’s not only the clothes put on female characters but the poses they are in.

Though of course, the clothes don’t help much.

“If I Don’t Get Pants, Nobody Gets Pants”

Moreover, Comic Book Resources contributing writer Brett White decided to give male superheroes the same sexist treatment their female counterparts so often encounter. The results were interesting.

This patriotic beach boy.

Thor and his mighty hammer on display.

The rock hard body of this Iron Man.

Spider-Man dreaming about getting caught in a web of sexy.

And this scantily clad beast boy.

Ooh la la!

White said of the images that, “Sexiness isn’t inherently a bad thing, it just needs to be an equal thing.” That's the truth.

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