What Happens When A Huge Slip 'N Slide Coming to Streets

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Who says you need to skydive to hang loose?

Certainly not YouTuber Devinsupertramp. He's making quite a splash in the streets of San Francisco for his newest extreme video "Urban Surfing - Bear Naked." No bare naked surfers were seen at the event, but plenty of huge smiles, screams of delight, and frolicking fun were seen everywhere.

The team set up a 260-foot Slip 'N Slide through the steep, curvy streets of the city and captured people's goofy stunts with a GoPro. Beware: If you're holed up indoors at work, this video may just make you throw in the towel.

The entire event was stage to increase brand awareness for Bear Naked Granola, but turned into one of the coolest events in San Francisco.

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