Watch Kevin Garnett's Biggest Fan Perform The Dance

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Minnesota Timberwolves's Kevin Garnett had quite the homecoming with a special dance tribute from his biggest fan.

During the "Show Us Your Moves" fan dancing segment, the camera fell on John Sweeney, better known as "Jiggly Boy" among T-Wolves fans, became a crowd favorite back in 2003 after ripping off his shirt to reveal Garnett's initials and "Wolves" painted on his body.

But this time, the now-49-year-old, seated beside his sons William, 11, and Michael, 9, remained seated despite their prodding.

Sweeney again declined when the camera returned to him moments later, but rises to his feet and removes his shirt to reveal the words “WELCOME HOME KG” when the DJ switches to Usher's 2002 hit.

What’s more, Kevin Garnett clearly couldn’t get the image of Jiggly Boy dancing out of his mind. He remembered Sweeney and even acknowledged him during the game.

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