Victoria's Secret Under Fire Again For Another Photoshop Fail

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Another day, another Victoria's Secret Photoshop fail.

The lingerie giant is under fire (again) for a bad case of Photoshopping. The offending image was posted to the VS's Facebook page on Sept. 25th, and features a model, back to the camera, donning a pair of VS "cheeky" underwear.

But while half of her 'cheeky' assets on display look natural and round, the other half is missing, and there seems to be a weird gap between the cheeks.

A portion of her right arm also seems to be removed.

Naturally, Facebook users were quick to point out the poor retouching job. 

Some commenters shared concerns regarding the botched editing job, while others called into question the company's need to edit model photos at all.

We admit the idea of making a Victoria's Secret model look skinnier than she already is counts as lazy at best, and something far more insiduous at worst. 

But to get all riled up because a company like Victoria's Secret—which has built its empire on deeply unrealistic beauty standards—for distributing more images of deeply unrealistic beauty, seems a bit redundant. 

If anything, we should all laugh at how shitty they are at Photoshop. 

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