Top 9 Types Of Instagram Pictures Every Celebrity Post

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We're guessing most of you guys are on Instagram, and we're not only there to follow our friends. 

We also love to see what our favorite celebrities post every day, though some of their snaps are very ridiculous.

But have you noticed that there are some types of pictures that every celebrity tend to post?

Click on the pics and check them out!

9. The Throwback Thursday.

Kim Kardashian (and the rest of the Kardashians) posts Throwback Thursday pictures almost every Thursday, remembering good old times.

8. The "I-Just-Got-My-Nails-Done" picture.

It's not only we that love posting pictures of our new nails. Celebrities love doing it too!

7. The Behind the Scenes.

One of the best things about following our favorite stars on Instagram is that they almost always post behind-the-scenes pictures, that gives us a sneek peak on what they're up to.

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