Top 9 Strangest Creatures That Might Show Up in Your Toilet

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A Florida family is trying to flush away their nerves after discovering an iguana had clogged their toilet.

Yes, a giant, alive iguana. Your nightmare has come true.

And if you're still skeptical of these tales of lavatory interlopers, take a look at the Top 9 strangest creatures that could realistically show up in your toilet.

9. Carnivorous Lizards

Lizards, like frogs, enjoy water. In recently urbanized areas, they will therefore go wherever they can find a source of constant water (i.e. your house). And because most are insectivores, they will go wherever they can find crickets and the like (i.e. your house again).  

In many areas like the southwest United States, lizards coming through the plumbing into toilets is a fairly common, albeit uncomfortable happening. But since they are insectivores, we have nothing to worry about when they show up.

Except when the lizard coming up likes to eat your flesh. A few years ago, a three year old Norwegian boy and his mom were greeted by a large black and yellow Teju, a South American carnivorous lizard.

8. Possums

Numerous people have reported finding possums in their toilets, and not just alive ones (yuck). 

These guys can crawl up the pipes the same way a rat or squirrel can, making rodents the most likely animals to wind up in your toilets.

7. Spiders

Ah, yes. The tiniest and worst toilet hijacker. To spiders, toilet seats seem like a great place to hide and spin webs. What they’re actually doing is just creating phobias.

6. Squirrels

Rats aren’t the only rodent that can crawl through your pipes and into your bathroom-going nightmares. 

Squirrels have been known to do the same thing. 

5. Frogs

One man in Florida had so many frogs come through his toilet, he was force to write the local newspaper asking for advice on how to stop the problem. 

Pretty embarrassing, but not as embarrassing as the reaction you would have after you found a frog in your toilet.

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4. Snakes

Perhaps the most obvious of the animals that could appear in your toilet, a snake has a body perfectly designed for squeezing through tubes and pipes. 

That is why this is probably the most commonly found animal in your crapper. 

People have found 6 ft. long cobras to little garden snakes in their toilets over the years, but that doesn’t make it any less frightening.

3. Rats

Vector control in Portland, Oregon, reportedly receives 10 to 15 calls a year from residents who have found rats, alive and dead, in their toilets. 

If you find a rat in your toilet bowl, it would be hard not to just flush it down from whence it came. 

A toilet rat, if in the home, would require some serious pest control or traps.

2. A Shark

Two women at the Henry Chamber Waterfront Park in South Carolina got quite a surprise when they found a shark in a public toilet. 

The shark was dead when they found it, and is unlikely to have got in the toilet on its own. Park authorities are quite certain that the shark did not swim up the toilet and get stuck. 

1. A Man

An unnamed man was rescued from a toilet in Claremont, Cape Town in May 2013. 

The man had somehow gotten himself stuck in the bowl of a portable toilet on a building site. He was so stuck, in fact, that only his legs, arms, and head were sticking out!

Now you should know the reason why it’s necessary keep the toilet seat down and your bathroom door closed—and, most of all, to look before you sit.

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