Top 9 Shocking Secrets About "Frozen" That You Probably Didn't Know

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How long has it been since Disney’s Frozen hit theaters? A few months? A year? Two years? 

With the rate that many people are still talking about the movie and how “good” it was, you’d think that it Disney released it just a few weeks ago. 

Though, for all the credit that the movie has received over the past year, it’s not exactly as good as you think it is. 

Well, it is THAT good, but I”m talking about the movie keeping a few secrets from its viewers. Like Kristoff's outfit.

And here’re another 9 secrets about “Frozen” that you probably didn’t know.

9. Elsa Was Originally a Villain

The creators of Disney’s frozen originally wrote Elsa, the Ice Queen, as the main villain. But, later along the film, they changed their mind because of “certain” reasons.

8. Inspiration for Frozen’s Story

The names Hans, Kristoff, Anna and Sven are sort of an homage to Hans Christian Andersen. The original writer of the story which served as the inspiration for Disney’s Frozen.

7. Kristoff’s Name

Elsa, Hans, Anna, Olaf??? Even the Duke’s name is only four letters long! So can someone please explain to me how Kristoff came to be?

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