Top 8 Most Shocking "Sister-Brother" Relationships in Anime World

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In real life, relationships between sisters and brothers are a big taboo. 

However, in anime, it seems to have become a trend in recent years (like some people were discussing the other day over here) with titles like OreImo and Yosuga no Sora and the proliferation of Imouto routes on Date-sims.

Terms like BroCon (Brother Complex) and SisCon (Sister Complex) are becoming as mainstream as Tsundere and Yandere so here comes the list of Top 8 most charming “Sister-Brother” relationships in anime world. 

Some of the pairings below may not be related by blood, but I'm not saying who to avoid spoilers.

8. Akari and Toru Acura from Chaika -The Coffin Princess

3 stars out of 5 ( ☆ ☆ ☆)

The Saboteur Siblings, Akari and Toru Acura are extremely skilled when it comes to fighting, especially when protecting their employer, Chaika. 

It is pretty clear that Akari has one huge brother complex and gets very jealous every time Toru and Chaika get closer to each other and she can be a little Yandere at times too. Toru on the other hand is a bit dense (is he?) and cannot see his sister's feeling for him.


7. Shiro and Sora from No Game, No Life

3 stars out of 5 ( ☆ ☆ ☆ )

The brother-sister duo known as 『 』or "blank" is comprised of Shiro and Sora, and while they are most certainly really really close to each other (to the point that they won't mind going mouth-to-mouth in order to win a game), their romantic relationship is a bit vague as both see each other as one half of a bigger entity, but of course the sister gets jealous in very smart ways.

6. Akiko and Akito Himenokouji from OniAi

3 stars out of 5 ( ☆ ☆ ☆)

Akiko Himenokouji has one serious case of the brother complex as she would stop at nothing to marry her brother and does not seem to mind that society thinks ill of such relationships. 

Her brother Akito on the other hand just thinks she is annoying (ehmmm.....right, for all those who watched the Anime there are some interesting hints thrown in there)

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