Top 50 Hottest Male Characters in One Piece

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If there's one thing One Piece has never been short of, it's the manhood attraction.

Are you ready to enjoy the hotness?

50. Buggy the Star Clown, co-leader of the Buggy and Alvidia alliance

GREAT NEWS, LADIES AND GENTS: If Buggy is number 50, it means characters like Blackbeard, Fukuro, Kumadori, Chinjao, Sengoku or Arlong didn’t make the cut! Rejoice!

49. Borsalino, aka Kizaru, Marine admiral

His face was purely designed for comedy relief, right?

48. Brook (alive version), posthumously known as Soul King

It’s so sad when you’re just slightly more attractive than your dead version.

47. Foxfire Kin’emon, samurai from Wano Country

Old School samurai? Hmmm, no thanks.

46. Bartolomeo the Cannibal, captain of the Barto Club

Green hair, septum piercing, fur shoulder pads, crazy eye line, shark-like teeth, … Yep, everything’s wrong with this guy.

45. Usopp, ocasionally known as Sogeking

I bet Usopp himself is surprised of being ranked THIS HIGH.

44. Yasopp, sniper of the Red Hair Pirates

At least he doesn’t have his son’s nose.

43. “Demon Bamboo” Vergo, pirate ellite officer

His beard has the shape of a thunder. A THUNDER.

42. Helmeppo, Marine lieutenant commander

Props to the guy who realized in time he had the worst haircut of all time!

41. “Cyborg” Franky

People might say that Franky’s weakest point is that he’s a cyborg and not 100 % human. I would say: THREE CHINS!

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