Top 25 Backward Compatible XBOX Games

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We’re looking for the best 25 games with a little extra weight for experiences that were especially exceptional on the Xbox 360.

How much fun we had with the games is obviously our primary concern.

On to the list...

25. halo wars

The RTS genre rarely translates well to consoles, but Halo Wars thoughtfully made allowances for the limitations of the control interface, and the thoughtful design pays off.

It helps that the lore-rich Halo universe is ripe with weapons, aliens, and vehicles just begging to be dropped into desolate planetary battlefields. -Jared Petty


24. soulcalibur

It's easy to forget how much of the original SoulCalibur helped define the franchise, which built on its iconic characters, devastating combos, and ruthlessly quick combat.

The classic brawler holds up in every way -- it's still pretty, the animation and controls are excellent, and the dangerous ledges at the edge of every arena give great tension to each match.

Backward compatibility is the best way to enjoy this masterpiece, and it's something that's still absolutely worth going back to. -Mitch Dyer

23. beyond good & evil HD

Ubisoft's most underrated action-adventure game is like a stealth-driven Legend of Zelda game you can play on your Xbox.

Its on-foot and vehicular exploration lets you find a ton of fascinating pieces and people of a weird, totalitarian world.

The simple combat is flexible enough to stay interesting throughout Beyond Good & Evil's clever boss battles, and Jade, the heroine, is a clever, engaging lead.

It's a shame the sequel is in limbo, because BG&E's smart, political story ends on a heck of a cliffhanger. -Mitch Dyer

22. Mirror's Edge

The brightness, vibrant palette, and fluidity of Mirror’s Edge stood in sharp contrast to the earth-toned, plodding first person experiences offered by its contemporaries.

Mirror’s Edge is a disciplined, experimental game with a solid core concept: utilize quick reactive motion and manipulate environmental hotspots to outmaneuver enemies with your blazing speed.

Not every idea works, but the overall package is so refreshing and unique that it demands your attention. -Jared Petty

21. Gears of War 3

Say hello to the best Gears of War. Gears 3 had the best overall campaign – complete with a great story to close the book on these characters – as well as the most polished versus mode and majorly upgraded Horde 2.0. Plus, the gameplay mechanics were spit-shined to perfection. SHIT YEAH! -Ryan McCaffrey

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