Top 20 Strongest Naruto Characters

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16. 3rd Raikage

A was undoubtedly an immensely powerful shinobi and is recognised as the greatest Raikage that Kumogakure has ever seen.

He was also said to be one of the only ninja capable of directly going up against a tailed beast alone, and even Gyūki commented that he was a very tough and resilient man

15. Kakashi

A match for seemingly any opponent, Kakashi was noted by Tsunade and Jiraiya to easily be one of Naruto's strongest character.

Kakashi's extensive and varied skill-set allow him to effectively provide invaluable support against opponents of any level in any situation.

For years, Kakashi has been considered by many prominent people to be one of the most suitable candidates for Hokage, eventually becoming the Sixth Hokage even after recently losing his Sharingan, showing that his abilities haven't weakened.

His prowess and reputation as Hokage has even shown much political weight, able to make the rest of the shinobi world respect his views. 

He could even handle himself against the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, as well as the Ten-Tails itself.

After obtaining both Sharingan and the Six Paths Power from Obito, Kakashi's abilities allowed him to threaten and even harm Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, the most powerful chakra user in history.

14. Kabuto

Despite officially being a genin, Kabuto has proven himself to be a skilled and cunning ninja far beyond that level, particularly because of his medical abilities.

He has been shown to be able to kill Anbu with relative ease,and even mockingly stated he could handle at least ten Anbu members.

Through keen observation, Kabuto can quickly determine the situation at hand.

Even when up against a stronger opponent, he can gain an advantage by quickly exploiting their weakness.

Kabuto is also very adaptable, as when his nervous system signals were flipped by Tsunade, he managed to regain control of his body quickly, a feat that impressed Tsunade.

Upon adapting to his bodily modifications and mastering senjutsu, his fighting prowess was enhanced to the point that he was able to withstand an assault from the combined efforts of Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha, and overwhelmed both of them on separate occasions.

13. Nagato (pain)

As the leader of the S-rank criminal organisation Akatsuki, and one of the two sides of the Amegakure civil war, Nagato was an extraordinarily powerful shinobi, and recognised as the strongest member of Akatsuki.

Fukasaku stated that without understanding Pain's power, no one could defeat him, and even Obito noted that Nagato was invincible while praising Jiraiya.

Nagato was able to kill Jiraiya with relative ease after revealing all six of his bodies.

After being reincarnated by Kabuto Yakushi and regaining most of his vitality, Nagato was able to easily overwhelm both Naruto Uzumaki in his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode and Killer B whom used the power of Gyūki as well, and Nagato would have killed them both had it not been for Itachi Uchiha's intervention.

It took the combined efforts of those three men to successfully defeat him.

In this regard, he was considered to be Kabuto Yakushi's second strongest reincarnated shinobi, since the latter noted that he'd have to bring out his trump card after Nagato was sealed.

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