Top 20 Most Popular Tsundere Boys in Anime

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Last time, we ranked the top 20 Tsundere Girls, but you didn’t think we would let all those tsundere boys out there off the hook? 

While typically we apply the tsundere term to girls in anime, it is not gender-specific. There are plenty of boys in anime that will blush and call you a baka too. 

Some might say, too many boys with this specific set of traits.

20. Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist

Short for his age, Edward Elric is sensitive about his height, but otherwise fairly composed. While he puts on a tough front to many of his peers, he has a soft side that he shows to his brother and a few others throughout the series. 

However, because his tsun tsun side isn’t really all that tsun tsun, he gets a spot at the bottom of our list.


19. Kei Takishima from Special A

Kei Takashima operates on the grade school level of “if you like a girl, be mean to her”. 

However, he is not really mean, he just demeans her for being second best to him constantly then follows it up with a lot of obviously nice gestures. That aside, others can see how much her loves her while Hikari may just be as dense as bread to it.

18. Barnaby from Tiger & Bunny

Stoic and cool, Barnaby doesn’t needlessly rush off into a fight. In fact, he only used to act to gain fame and hero points. 

However, after being paired with the rash Kotetsu, Barnaby’s cold heart begins to melt and we see him begin to show his affection to others. He is like the ice cream cone of male tsunderes.

17. Nezumi from No. 6

Nezumi is portrayed as a criminal at the beginning of the series, and while rude and straight forward, as things progress, we see that the hatred he wears so on his sleeve was fostered by a series of injustices levied against him. 

However, he does show a particularly soft side, if only because of his personal honor.

16. Kyuubi from Naruto

That’s right. I said it. A good deal of the time that he saves or lends his chakra to Naruto, it is because he doesn’t want someone else killing him. He wants to do it. Add some cheek blush and it is obvious tsundere affection.

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