Top 20 Most Narcissistic Characters in Anime

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Like in real life, there are characters in anime that are too full of themselves.

Japanese anime fans has chosen these 20 anime characters who they think to be the most narcissistic ones.

So lets get right into it.

20. Mikoto Mikoshiba - Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun

His a Narcissist.......and a Tsundere. It was such a weird but fun twist to his personalty.


19. Yuu Otosaka - Charlotte

Oh~ were such a cool MC. It sucks that the anime f*cked you over and then gave us viewers a false happy ending.

18. Kai Nijuuri - Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

He's wildly perverted and constantly shows off his erect nipples to the chagrin of the students..

17. Tamaki Suou - Ouran High School Host Club

Kinda surprising? You must have thought he being little higher on this list.

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