Top 20 Girls Who Rose to Fame for Looking Like Barbie Dolls

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Human Barbie Dolls really do exist.

Young girls like Venus Angelic and Dakota Rose are quickly becoming Internet sensations because they resemble the child’s playthin with huge eyes, porcelain skin, bow lips and cascading hair. 

Take a peek into the life of these 20 girls who rose to fame for looking like barbie dolls.

20. Barbie Waist

This can't be real.

19. Barbie Makeup

If I didn't know better, I would swear this was a photo of an actual doll. Lolita's makeup is strikingly Barbie-like.

18. Barbie Pose

It's scary how she has even mastered the stiff Barbie pose.

17. Perfect Couple

The real life Barbie and Ken Dolls. It's too bad they hated one another when they met.

16. Barbie Bikini

She's nailed the whole Barbie-look — from the sunglasses to awkward finger positions.

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