Top 15 Scariest Haunted Houses in America for 2015 Halloween

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5. Cutting Edge Haunted House - Fort Worth, Texas

What if there was a show that was exciting, terrifying, electrifying, entertaining and chilling?

A show that built your anticipation of excitement actually from the moment you began to approach it.

Unlike most old buildings, this one has a profusion of search lights mounted on its roof as well as a colossal 50' Gargoyle holding vigil for almost two months out of the year.

You can feel the excitement building just pulling into the parking lot.

The structure was built more than 100 years ago during Fort Worth’s booming cattle era and still houses the original meat hooks and conveyor system used during the meat packing process.

4. Kersey Valley Spookywoods - Greensboro, North Carolina

What started out as a small haunt has exploded into 60 acres of year round entertainment?  

Day time attractions include the massive corn maze with educational field trips for schools, jumping pillows, bungee trampolines, cow trains, tram rides, tree house village, dinosaur discovery pit and pumpkin patch.

Spookywoods is more than just a haunted house with everything from ziplines to an all new 3 level high ropes challenge course. 

The haunted manor sends guests into a  50,000 square foot haunted maze featuring monsters, ghouls and zombies.  

Over 150 original costumed characters reside in movie quality sets throughout Spookywoods just waiting to make you scream.  

3. House of Torment - Chicago, Illinois

House of Torment introduces a new brand of fear in Chicago this Halloween Season!

One of the biggest, baddest haunted house experiences in the country is finally in Chicago to chill, thrill, and horrify you.

This Hollywood­ quality haunt features terrifying monsters and tormented souls from the underworld that are ready to horrify Chicago this Halloween.

The legendary House of Torment, a multi­layered psychological thriller, is more like a trip through a modern horror movie than just a haunted house ­ with detailed sets, iconic characters and chilling environments.

2. Hex House - Tulsa, Oklahoma

When you think of Oklahoma, you probably don’t instantly think of haunted attractions, but Tulsa, Oklahoma happens to be the home of one of the nation’s most intense hidden gems:  The Hex House.  

It’s a true tale of mystery, murder, and the occult from Tulsa’s dark past and a real sense of terror permeates every inch of every eerily lit corridor and ghastly room in Oklahoma’s premier haunted attraction.  

The Hex House is truly an original, featuring unique set designs and one-of-a-kind scares manufactured in-house.  

The scares come in all forms and from all angles, providing a truly unnerving and frightening experience.

1. Fear Experience - Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland are haunted by the Fear Experience one of America’s best and certainly Cleveland, Ohio’s biggest, best and scariest haunted house.  

The Fear Experience has grown way beyond just a haunt adding zombie laser tag, where the guests are allowed to hunt and kill zombies.  

It features amazing set design, animations, and highly skilled professional actors who present an amazing interactive experience like nothing Cleveland has ever seen before.

Every season Fear Experience expands their haunted house adding new attractions such as this year adding BioTeck Solutions a trip thru a genetic research lab filled with monsters.

Any of these haunted house has something new to make you scream on 2015 Halloween!   


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