Top 15 Scariest Haunted Houses in America for 2015 Halloween

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Now that Halloween 2015 is here.

It’s time to find the best, the scariest, and the biggest over the top haunted houses and Halloween attractions in America.

Now sit back for the best 15 haunted houses in America for 2015.

15. Haunted Overload - Lee, New Hampshire

Haunted Overload is an original out door haunt in a class of its own.

It blends astounding handmade sets, gigantic monsters and spellbinding costumes with spectacular sound and lighting to create the Ultimate Halloween Experience.

The vibrant, organic design, set in an eerie dark New England forest, creates an assault of the senses for its patrons.

Every year brings new terrors to life, as the crew work tirelessly to add to an already amazing attraction.

Haunted Overload was also crowned America’s scariest haunt by ABC’s Great Halloween Fright Fight.

14. Headless Horseman’s Hayrides and Haunted Houses - Ulster Park, New York

Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses is a unique, immersive experience with a theme that changes each Halloween season.

Ten attractions featuring: a theatrical one-mile hayride, corn maze, 7 haunted attractions.

New for 2015 the creators of Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses are proud to present a new concept of interactive, immersive entertainment.

Only the courageous will survive the intense encounters with the infamous Headless Horseman.

13. The 13th Gate - Baton Rouge Louisiana

The 13th Gate is all about Extreme Ultra-Realism.

The artists behind the massive dark attraction are experts at blurring the lines between horror and reality, and guests frequently wonder between screams whether what they are experiencing is real or not.

The Attraction’s level of detail, set design, and effects combined with their impressive actors and incredible makeup effects can only be compared to a Hollywood movie.

This 40,000 sq. ft. outdoor New Orleans style cemetery has over 400 zombie-infested crypts and mausoleums that guests must explore.

12. The Dent Schoolhouse - Cincinnati, Ohio

The Dent Schoolhouse is one of the most tightly themed haunted attractions in the US and takes place in an actual haunted schoolhouse.

Re-live the legend of a murderous Janitor who is said to still haunt the halls of the old schoolhouse.

Jammed with Hollywood styles sets, animatronics, and award winning makeup, The Dent Schoolhouse has made it an easy choice one of the top haunts.

Who would want to conjure up the fear of an old teacher, principle or gym teacher trying to take your soul to the underworld?

11. Netherworld - Atlanta, Georgia

NETHERWORLD Haunted House is a self-guided, dark attraction known for its over-the-top special effects, intense make-up, elaborate costuming, skilled stunt actors, unique monsters, unusual themes and chilling detail.

To put it simply NETHERWORLD is the total package - an extremely high quality immersive event that merges SCARY, FUN and COOL into a safe environment.

In 2015 Netherowrld presents two new terrifying haunts sure to melt your mind.

THE ROTTING in which dark spirits released from the NETHERWORLD create a supernatural plague and VAULT 13 Unearthed,  a secret base buried deep within the earth unsealed by an unknown force!

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