Top 15 Messed Up Manga Series That Are Really, Really Bad

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3. Secret Flower Garden by Rei Bow

If you think that you have seen it all, then think twice. This short erotic manga by Rei Bow takes the cake. It is really disturbing, perverse, twisted and definitely one of the worst manga series ever. 

The story follows two girls who go to elementary school and one day find mysterious eggs that they do not know where they came from. It is when these eggs hatch that the real horror begins because they contain demonic tentacles that seduce and molest these pre-teen girls. 

The manga contains rather graphic drawings of them being stroked by the tentacles, and even enjoying them. As if this is not enough, the story gets spiced up with other children and old perverts. 

Having in mind that this manga contains so many themes that are considered taboo, it is really surprising that it even got published.

2. Haou♥Airen by Mayu Shinjo

Haou♥Airen, also known as Honey Honey Boy, is a shoujo manga created by Mayu Shinjo. What makes it one of the worst manga series ever is that it condones rape and passes it off as romance. 

The manga follows Kurumi Akino, a young and naive woman who stumbles upon an injured man near her home and helps him. However, she does not know that this man is Hakuron, one of the most notorious mobsters from Hong Kong… and he has taken a liking to her and her body. 

This results in the poor Akino being kidnapped and repeatedly molested by the man she saved. She even falls in love with him despite the fact that he treats her badly. 

This manga has the usual tropes that include a powerful and brutal man who abducts a naive and virginal woman, and then molests her until she falls in love with him and helps him overcome his childhood traumas. 


1. Kodomo no Jikan by Kaworu Watashiya

Kodomo no Jikan, also known as A Child’s Time, is the infamous comedy manga series written and illustrated by Kaworu Watashiya. As you can guess from the title, the plot revolves around children, or to be more precise, a group of elementary school girls who are the target of sexual innuendos and dirty jokes. 

When a newly appointed and inexperienced teacher Aoki Daisuke becomes their home teacher, a precocious girl Rin Kokonoe becomes obsessed and infatuated with him. She tries her best to seduce him and make him fall for her, even though he would lose his job if he gets too close to her. That results in a series of disturbing, awkward, twisted and taboo situations. 

The manga is supposed to be funny; however, these little girls are 3rd grade elementary students who shouldn’t know anything about sex.

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