Top 15 Messed Up Manga Series That Are Really, Really Bad

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11. Okane ga Nai by Hitoyo Shinozaki & Tohru Kousaka

Okane ga Nai, also known as No Money, is the infamous yaoi manga series by Hitoyo Shinozaki and Tohru Kousaka. 

It is about a gentle and innocent boy Ayase who gets sold as a slave and then later on bought by a rich and arrogant businessman Kanou. What makes this manga infamous, and also one of the worst, is the fact that Ayase looks like an elementary boy instead of a university student as he is depicted in the manga. Kanou on the other hand looks like he could be his father. 

After being bought for a huge sum of money by Kanou, he is forced to repay his debt by being Kanou’s slave in bed. Rape is one of the common tropes in yaoi manga, but even this one has taken it too far. That is why it deserves a special place on this list. 

10. Ana Satsujin by Rahson

The story of Ana Satsujin aka Peephole follows a cowardly Kurosu, a depressed dropout who has been losing interest in life for some time, until he finds a new hobby – spying on his neighbor through a peephole in their adjacent wall. That neighbor happens to be a hot and mysterious young woman Miyaichi. 

It seems like a wet dream come true until Kurosu becomes a witness to her murdering a man and until she catches him spying on her. That is the moment when he realizes that Miyaichi is actually a sick sociopath who hides more than one secret… and she wants to make him pay for spying on her. 

It might seem like a cool thriller except that this manga has no plot whatsoever. The characters are undeveloped and most of the events in the story are inconsistent and used just for the shock value. 

9. Wolf Guy: Wolfen Crest by Yoshiaki Tabata & Yuuki Yugo

Wolf Guy: Wolfen Crest is the action manga by Tabata Yoshiaki and Yugo Yuuki. The story is about Akira Inugami, a strange boy with werewolf powers who has just transferred into his new school, which is ruled by gangs. 

His busty homeroom teacher Aoshika Akiko immediately becomes infatuated with him, not only because of his mysterious behavior, but also because she believes he saved her from a rapist before. 

Additionally, Inugami refuses to bow down to other boys in the school, which results in him being beaten or attacked all the time. The school gang leader becomes aware of their developing romance and decides to use Akiko against him. 

What makes this manga really bad is that the plot mostly revolves around Akiko being used as an object and gang raped repeatedly throughout the story while Inugami is trying to save her. There is nothing exceptional about this manga.

8. Gakuen Prince by Jun Yuzuki

Imagine a private high school in which the males outnumber the female students so they feel entitled to use and rape them whenever they feel like it? Yes, it sounds terrible. Okay, now just reverse the genders and you get Gakuen Prince, a comedy manga illustrated and written by Yuzuki Jun. 

Joshi High is the place where the female students rule, simply because there are too many of them and the males cannot stand up to them. And since there is the shortage of the already mentioned male students, they end up being slaves in every way possible. 

It might seem funny and harmless, but it is still humiliating and a bit hypocritical. Most issues concerning bullying, cruelty, and violence are handled as if they are completely normal. 

If you are not already creeped out by the plot and you prefer sadomasochistic characters, then you might even give it a try. 

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