Top 15 Hottest Cartoon Moms We Secretly Have A Crush On

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The cartoon world is full of hot characters, but our focus today is going to be on 10 super-hot cartoon moms. 

We had to choose just 10 women from the animation realm who embody the sexiest and most seductive female roles on TV.

We thought of a variety of cartoons, both from the present day and the past. These ladies span different time periods, locations, and television networks, and naturally there are a couple of anime characters in our rankings.

15. Donna Tubbs-Brown

We know of Donna Tubbs-Brown from The Cleveland Show. 

The first feature of Donna that jumps out to use is her killer ability to dance; this woman is amazing! Add to that her on-point fashion sense which includes a tube top and gold hoop earrings, and you have a recipe for one stunning cartoon mom. 


14. Bunny Bravo

The Cartoon Network’s Johnny Bravo featured a masculine hottie, as well as his totally hot mom. 

Now, hear us out here, because Bunny Bravo can come across as a bit of a doozy. She has flashy sunglasses, a cropped cardigan, and tight red pants that show off her curves. She is also the only cartoon mother we know who can pull off wearing a bandana on her head.  

This woman also gets bonus points for rocking feathered high heels and the widest hips on earth.

13. Charlotte Pickles

Come on, Charlotte Pickles is totally attractive, and we can just see how her daughter Angelica is going to end up. 

It isn’t just her looks that makes Charlotte Pickles the talk of the town; she is a head honcho businesswoman who doesn’t take crap from anybody. She definitely wears the pants in her family, as well as in her company. 

12. Dr. Ann Possible

Kim Possible is a super-hot cartoon character, so it makes sense that her mom is just basically a grown-up version of herself. 

Dr. Ann Possible has everything going for her, and we mean everything. She is a brain surgeon, which means that she is super smart. Who doesn’t like a girl with brains? On top of that, she is totally hot and fiery just like her own daughter. 

Plus, she has alluring blue eyes (Kim’s are green,) and medium-length red hair that bounces with ease as she walks around. Her figure is almost similar to her daughter’s (we aren’t sure if that’s just the animators being lazy or what), but it shows off a slender mother who happened to produce a kick-ass superheroine and crafty twin boys.

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