Top 15 Criminally Underrated Players in FIFA 16

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Every year EA look into their crystal ball to seek out the top players.

And every year, they receive a barrage of: “WHAT?!”  with gamers descending into full rant mode as their favourite footballing superstars are given a slightly lower number next to their name than expected.

When you look at these players and what they've done in last season , who you think is the most underrated player on FIFA 16?

15. Gylfi Sigurðsson – 78

Gylfi Sigurdsson may not be in the greatest run of form just yet, but the Icelandic midfielder has been a proven talent for long enough now to deserve an 80-overall rating.

The 26-year-old’s red-hot form during his first spell at Swansea led to a switch to Spurs, though he returned to South Wales at the beginning of last season in an attempt to pick up where he left off.

He returned with 7 goals and 11 assists in the league, and while he hasn’t started quite as well this time around, he’s still a quality player worthy of higher.

14. Antoine Griezmann – 83

 Antoine Griezmann – 83

To call an 83-rated player ‘underrated’ clearly shows that the man in question must be sensational. Antoine Griezmann is.

The Atletico Madrid striker is the latest in a long line of Rojiblanco goal machines.

The French 24-year-old is an emerging presence on the world stage after slamming home 25 goals in 50 games last season across all club competitions.

He’s an outstanding talent who is being touted to move onto even bigger things if he keeps on impressing. However, at 83, he’s joint with the disappointing Falcao, and that’s simply not right.

13. Alexandre Pato – 79

 Alexandre Pato – 79

Once ridiculous talent turned into a ridiculous waste of potential. But now, Pato’s on the road to redemption with Corinthians after notching 22 goals and 7 assists so far in the Brazilian season.

He’s been in remarkable form and has been linked yet again with a big move to Manchester United. He’s still just 26, and his talent surely nudges his rating up to 80 at least?

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