Top 15 Best Selling Mangas of Shonen Jump Magazine in Japan

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For those who still don’t know, Shonen Jump is the best selling manga magazine in Japan.

The magazine targets male readers and publish action and comedy oriented mangas.

They published mangas like One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball, Kenshin, Hokuto no Ken, Bleach, Hunter x Hunter… and many others.

Here is the top 15 of Shonen Jump best selling mangas of all time.

15. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 

Most commonly called “Jojo”, this manga tells the story of a family, whose members posses unique powers, each character will have to face their destiny and take down supernatural enemies.

This manga has 113 volumes and has sold 90 million copies.

14. Hajime no Ippo

The manga tells the story of a young high school student dreaming of rising in the world of professional boxing.

This manga has 110 volumes and sold over 94 million copies.

13. Touch 

Is a Japanese High School Baseball manga that tells the story of two twin brothers and a pretty girl next door.

First published in 1981, this manga has only 26 volumes and has sold over 100 million copies.

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