Top 14 Lesser-Known Celebrity Sisters

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It’s odd to think of some celebrities having siblings, or any relations at all.

But of course, behind all the Hollywood smoke and mirrors, they’re just normal people with a normal family; complicated parents, doting aunts, strange uncles, and siblings.

Take a look, as we compare the top 14 lesser-known sisters with their famous relations.

14. Liv and Mia Tyler

Liv Tyler is almost perfect in every way, which can be a high standard for others in the family to live up to.

Mia and Liv share facial similarities, both with their dad’s distinctive mouth, and their hair is pretty similar. But, aside from these features, the two are very different.

Liv has a very slim build while Mia is bigger – Mia has even been a plus side model – and Liv is very feminine, known for wearing soft patterns and chic pastel shades, while Mia takes after her dad’s brash style.

She’s more of a rock chick with a larger-than-life personality. The two are half-sisters, sharing the same rock star father.

13. Emily and Felicity Blunt

Emily and Felicity Blunt are quite close as sisters. They even look quite similar, especially when comparing their eyes and brow structure.

Hollywood favourite Stanley Tucci and Felicity started dating after Emily set the two up on the set of The Devil Wears Prada. Now, they’re married and expecting their first child.

Felicity is a literary agent, seemingly as intelligent and hardworking as her A-list sister: Being famous isn’t everything!

12. Beyonce and Solange

Solange shares an uncanny resemblance to her sister Beyonce. When their faces are placed side by side, it’s almost difficult to tell them apart!

They’re also of similar height, although Queen Bey is certainly the more voluptuous of the two. The one other defining characteristic between the two is their hair.

Solange Knowles is seldom pictured or heard of but she does make the odd appearance with her sister Beyonce.

When she was young, her parents both left their careers to support Beyonce on her journey, but despite this focus on Beyonce the two sisters appear to have remained close.

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