Top 12 of the Worst Parents in Anime History

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8. Kirameki Mikawa (Shigofumi)

Known as a talented writer with radiant appearance attracted many women, but in fact Kirameki Mikawa devotion to the art is insane. He said that beauty is all in the world and anyone deserves to die ugly. 

After his wife left, Kirameki emptied the sadness and anger over the little daughter Mika. He writes on her flesh until she bleeds for the sake of his so called "art project", Mika become painful and gradually formed two distinct personalities to survive. 

He does not care if her daughter was in a coma in hospital for many years, and he even was willing to shoot her to bury his past memories.

7. Danichiro Sanka (Sankarea)

Unlike the parents in this list, Danichiro was obsessed with Rea as she increasingly similar to his beautiful mother, the woman he has infatuation for her died long ago. 

Danichiro did anything to harm her friends, he did not make friends with anyone. He did not give his daughter freedom and never care about her feelings. But thankfully after he met Chihiro he realized the desire of Rea and gradually changed his mind. 

6. Ren Sohma (Fruits Basket)

Everyone’s got insecurities, but Ren Sohma, mother to family head Akito Sohma, just took it way too far. 

Though she ended up with Akito’s father because she who was the only person to treat him as his own person, once she got pregnant with a daughter, who was also the “god” of the family members afflicted with the Zodiac curse, Ren promptly freaked out about being replaced and decided to raise Akito as a boy.

 As if this weren’t enough to mess up her kid, she spent years purposely feeding Akito’s fears of abandonment and slept around with other extended family members to make Akito jealous. 

All of this makes Akito one angry, unstable god who torments all the other cursed Sohmas. Whatever happened to one big happy family?

5. Ragyo Kiryuin (Kill la kill)

Blind lust for power, distinguishing Date Range, smug, cruel, insensitive ... is something we can talk about Ragyo Kiryuin, the worst mother in the anime. 

She's obsessed with intense beings that use both newborn her daughter as test subjects. Then she continued to experiment with her second child but failed, so she flatly discarded this child. Satsuki Ragyo her daughter nurtured as a tool and abused her for years. 

She also does not hesitate to kill her husband, after he had left because he realized his woman is insane. 

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