Top 12 of the Worst Parents in Anime History

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It is often said that children are the greatest assets of the parents. Previously, there have been numerous articles referring to the best parents in anime such as Hana (Wolf Children), Akio and Sanae (Clannad), Mae Hughes (Fullmetal Alchemist); Kushina and Minato (Naruto) ..., those whom anyone would like to become their child. 

But sometimes parents also can make some mistakes and be in a level of worst parent. These following Top 12 worst parents will prove it.

12. Every Single Parent in Pokemon

Just who the hell thought sending 10-year-olds around the globe in order to capture and enslave adorable creatures for the purpose of forcing them to battle was a good idea? 

What, it’s wrong when it’s Michael Vick, but because you can’t hear a Pokemon cry from outside their Pokeball, it’s okay? What kind of morals are these parents teaching their kids? That’s assuming they’re even around. 

While Ash’s mom appeared at least once (that’s her above), Ash’s dad is never seen and he might appear to be a happy kid, but we’re pretty sure it’s just a brave front.


11. Marquis Albert de Blois (GOSICK)

Albert is a father of Victorique and Grevil in anime GOSICK. His disreputable is no less than the other below characters in this top 12 with a series of heartless and cruel actions. 

He is a man obsessed with a desire for power that can not be explained, Albert defy anyone to gain supernatural powers. He kidnapped and forced Cordelia to be born as a child of gray wolf's bloodline - Victorique de Blois. He nurtured her in a dungeon and sent her to the Saint Marguerite Academy in strict supervision, did not allow her any contact with the outside world. 

Albert only used Victorique as a tool girl in the struggle for power between the Ministry and the Academy of Sciences.

10. Gasai Saika Gasai & Ushio (Mirai Nikki)

Saika and Ushio Caused significant impacts to form the personality of psycho Queen Yandere Gasai Yuno. 

They adopted Yuno because they couldn't have childrens for an unknown reason. The father was busy with work and family neglect, while the mother was extremely harsh, cursing all day beating her daughter. 

Yuno's childhood was a series of painful days, misused, abused, locked up in cages and treated like an animal. As a result they turned her to become a psycho seeking for love. Ushio and Saika have done a good job demonstrating the past and current facts about Yuno.

9. Zouken Matou (Fate series)

Zouken, the father of the two brothers Byakuya and Kariya, who is also the grandfather of Shinji and Sakura. But he is in fact the ancestors of Matou that has lived more than 300 years. 

Zouken extremely harsh in training their children and increasingly frustrated about magician bloodstream that is being gradually lost by his children. So he was always regarded as a disgrace to Shinji's family meanwhile Sakura he had trained her in the brutal methods possible, she became emotionless. 

He also blames Kariya for the failure of the family and forced him to join the fight to save Sakura. Zouken did anything possible for the reputation of his family. 

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