Top 12 Countries With The Most Beautiful Female Armies

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Normally soldiers are men but it doesn’t mean that there is no place for women anymore.

Who will refuse to work with a professional girl, meanwhile, as beautiful as Elena Deligioz?

Here are the top 12 countries that have the most beautiful female armies in the world.

12. Norwegian Army

Women in Norway started serving the Army in 1938 on every branches of military but it changes around 1947 where they can only serve in a civilian post after a political change happened.

In the middle of 1977 and 1984 they start expanding the role of the women in the military. In 1995, they allowed women to work in Norwegian submarine and as of today, at least one female is a commander of a submarine.

11. Canadian Army

During the First and Second World War, female Canadians are only limited in communications, driving heavy equipment, medical operations and other support activities.

But in 1965, they allow women to join in the three branches of armed forces but with a limited number of 5,000 women only. Finally in 1982, they allow Canadian women to participate and full integration in the Canadian Armed Forces.

10. British Army

They started serving the British Army in the early 1990’s but they are not allowed in any combat operations either in Army, Royal Marines and Royal Air Force Regiment.

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