Top 10 WWE Employees With The Longest Careers

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If a wrestler or any other person who works at WWE, or any other professional wrestling tournament, for more than ten years, then they are considered to have worked there for an extremely long time (even though ten years is hardly what one might call a career).

Sometimes a wrestler will even transfer back and forth between wrestling companies, but they won’t be at the same company for more than a few years and ultimately, their wrestling career comes up short of a decade.

That’s why the WWE employees on this list are extraordinary in their own right. Not only have they worked with WWE for more than ten years, but they’ve stayed with them far beyond that. Many of these people are professional wrestlers, others are ring announcers, and others are referees, and so on.

But they all share some things in common: they’ve all had to go through more than ten years of tight scheduling, extreme stress and in the case of the wrestlers, extreme injuries and pain. But on the other hand, this is what these people love to do.

There are quite a few more people who could have made this list, but we’re only going to focus on those who have worked for WWE just as actively right now, as they did when they first started, and all of the years in between. Their intense dedication to WWE has garnered them the respect of tens of thousands of fans, while a few of the people on this list have gone largely unnoticed by the public eye. Hopefully, this article will give them the recognition that they deserve.

Here are the ten people who have worked the longest at WWE:

10. Kane


Kane had worked at WWE in the early to mid 1990s for a few years before he finally found his breakthrough, in 1997, when he was cast as the Big Red Machine. Ever since then, he has been one of the most popular figures in WWE, for more than twenty years of his career.

Today, Kane is 46 and still performing some solid wrestling moves in the ring, and to many, it looks as if he just may have another twenty or so left in him.

9. Mark Henry

 Mark Henry

Following his time at the Olympics in 1996, Mark Henry signed a ten year contract with WWE, despite having never even fought a single wrestling match before then. During those ten years, Henry went largely unnoticed from WWE fans, as he wasn’t involved in very many high profile fights and he even had to take a year off in 2004, due to injuries.

But when he returned to WWE in 2005, he returned with a vengeance. Following a fight with The Undertaker, he became the heavyweight champion in 2011, having taken a decade and a half to get there. He’s still working for WWE today.

8. Michael Cole

 Michael Cole

Michael Cole has worked as a backstage interviewer at WWE ever since the mid 1990s, and is still working at WWE today in 2014. He also worked as one of the announcers on WWE Raw, and even hosted the show for a brief time, until Jerry Lawler replaced him.  Cole has remained an announcer at WWE throughout his career, and it doesn’t look like he’ll be retiring anytime soon.

7. Jerry Lawler

 Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler is well known throughout the WWE world for being a strong competitor to Vince McMahon, but he is also one of the longest serving employees at the company, having worked there since 1992. Some may consider it unfair that Lawler is included on this list, since he did quit for ten months in 2001, but he returned to WWE immediately after that, finding more success.

He became famous throughout the professional wrestling world for his feud with Bret Hart, that culminated at the King of the Ring tournament. The only reason why he temporarily did quit is because his girlfriend, The Kat, was fired due to a number of different reasons.

6. Triple H

 Triple H

When Triple H first entered the world of WWE in the early 1990s, many people assumed that he would have a long and glorious career from the start…and they have been proven right. Triple H came to WWE from WCW.

What is the most admirable about Triple H is that he has remained loyal to WWE throughout his career; he had been offered numerous times to jump ship back to WCW or to WWF for a significantly higher contract, but he has chosen to remain with WWE, time and time again.

5. Mike Chioda

 Mike Chioda

Mike Chioda is one of the longest serving referees in WWE’s history. His career began in 1989, when he was barely in his early 20s. Now in his late 40s, it doesn’t look like Chioda is going to retire anytime soon. Not to mention the amount of time he has spent working for WWE, but has served as a referee for a number of WWE’s more notable matches, such as the Survivor Series and WrestleMania.

4. The Undertaker

 The Undertaker

After a brief stint in WCW, The Undertaker joined WWE and it has remained his home ever since. Like Triple H, The Undertaker has been offered significantly bigger contracts to join WCW, but he rejected them all. As a result, he has won the admiration of numerous fans throughout WWE for his intense dedication to the customer.

Though he is pushing 50 today, he still remains one of WWE’s most popular wrestlers and is still going strong, never having let his age catch up to him. The only question that still remains is how long he will be able to go without letting his age finally catch up.

3. Tony Chimel

 Tony Chimel

Tony Chimel has been with WWE ever since 1983, when he first landed a job as a ring technician. Chimel stayed with the WWE for his true dream: working as a ring announcer.  After eight years of hard work, he finally found that dream and has served as an announcer at WWE ever since.

Many people who watch WWE have most likely seen Chimel one time or another announcing on screen, but very few know how dedicated he really is to WWE.

2. Kevin Dunn

 Kevin Dunn

Hardly anybody knows who Kevin Dunn is; largely because he has never appeared on screen. Nonetheless, he is one of the longest serving and most powerful people in WWE, and has worked with Vince McMahon ever since the company’s humble beginnings in 1980. McMahon has allowed Dunn to stay as long as he has because Dunn’s father helped out McMahon early in his career, before the days of WWE. Dunn currently serves on the WWE Board of Directors.

He started out small in WWE, but worked his way up through the years, until he eventually became the executive producer of all WWE programming in the early 1990s. From the looks of it, it seems that Dunn will be with WWE as long as Vince McMahon.

1. Howard Finkel

 Howard Finkel

The person to be the longest employed at WWE is Howard Finkel, having started as a ring announcer in the late 1970s. Finkel was hired by Vince McMahon personally, back when WWE was referred to as WWWF. Finkel is also unique as an announcer, as he is rarely included in the scripts, and instead just announces what happens.

Nonetheless, his voice is well renowned by WWE fans and he will never be forgotten in the professional wrestling community. Chances are high that Finkel will be the most famous WWE ring announcer of all time.


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