Top 10 Weirdest Restaurants Around the World

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A new Chinese Restaurant promises to offer you free meals, but only if you’re pretty enough. So it really does pay to be pretty.

However, this is not the most bizarre one. Actually there’re some restaurants around the world have to be seen to be believed. Here are the Top 10 weirdest restaurants in the world. Enjoy!

10.The Airplane Restaurant, Colorado Springs, Colorado


Airplanes are typically places where you tolerate the food, not devour it. Unless you're talking about the The Airplane Restaurant in Colorado Springs, that is.  

Housed inside an old Boeing KC-97, this plane serves up first-class lunch and dinner (and you're permitted to use metal utensils instead of plastic). 

9.Safe House (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)


If you want to feel like a spy, this is where you want to go. 

The restaurant is located in a dark alley. For those not familiar, walking down a dark alley in downtown Milwaukee is an adventure in itself. 


Once you arrive you will need a password. How do you get this password? Well that’s a secret, but you may find hints on their website. The inside walls are covered with spy memorabilia. You never know who is working the bar (could be a magician) and it seems like pushing any wall opens a secret passage way.  

If this sounds like too much work that’s okay, there is a full bar to relax at that offers a special James Bond-themed Martini. 

8.The Tree House Restaurant (New Zealand)


The Tree House Restaurant was created in New Zealand for a marketing campaign for Yellow Pages.

In order to prove that something big can be completed using the Yellow, they built this restaurant 10 metres up a redwood tree.


The whole construction took only 66 days! The Tree House Restaurant can seat 30 peas or can accommodate 50 peas standing.

7.Twin Stars (Moscow, Russia)


If you usually see double after a few drinks I would advise holding off on the alcohol if you have reservations at Twin Stars. 


At this restaurant all the workers are identical twins. They even wear the same clothes to really mess with you. Similarly themed restaurants have popped up (Twins in New York City started with actor Tom Beringer in 1994), but Twin Stars appears to have the most rigid policy in regards to everyone being a twin. 

6.Dick’s Last Resort (Various U.S.)


This is the restaurant where the staff is rude to you, purposely. This is definitely a bucket list “do it once” type experience. 

Insults are the rule and if you are easily offended you may want to steer clear of this one. The food itself is grilled, fried and barbecued fare, mostly served in baskets and buckets. 


Many swear by Dick’s Last Resort and believe it’s a must see. Others will find it overrated, but all have the same response on the ride home: “Did you hear the way that waitress talked to me?”

5.Opaque Restaurant (United States)


The Opaque Restaurant allows its customers to experience dining on a whole new different level by heightening our sense of taste, smell and touch. 

It's not the first to introduce dining in the dark, but its famous for it and it comes with a twist.


Customers place their orders in a lighted room before being guided by the blind to the pitch dark area to have their meals.

The waiters are visually handicapped but are trained to provide customers a unique experience! 

4.Buns & Guns (Beirut, Lebanon)


That's the motto for Buns & Guns, a fast-food restaurant that was located in Sfeir, a southern suburb of Beirut.

This military-themed restaurant was filled with military decors such as fake assault rifles, and camouflage netting, as well as recorded helicopter and gunfire sounds. 

This was a fast-food restaurant with menu items named “rocket-propelled grenade” and “B52”. Their motto was “A sandwich can kill you.” The goal wasn’t to glorify war, but rather to make people laugh. What could kill them were the generous proportions. 

3.Clothing Optional Dinners (Manhattan)


In Manhattan, a social event is created by nudist activist, John J. Ordover. 

Clothing Optional Dinners happens once a month where nudists or naturists gather in various restaurants around Manhattan.


Once they enter the restaurant, they will disrobe to nothing, either in the restrooms or right in the dining room, and carry on as per normal. Each patron will have to bring a towel to sit on and their motto is "No hot soup". 

And really, the windows will be covered. 

2.Modern Toilet Restaurant (Taiwan)


A toilet-themed restaurant in Taiwan proved to be a huge draw. It's called Modern Toilet Restaurant and has now at least 12 outlets all over Taiwan. 

Not only do customers seat on a toilet, they also get to chomp down food off plates and bowls shaped like toilet bowls and squat toilets or urinals. 

1.Cannibalistic Sushi (Tokyo)


The idea of this restaurant in Tokyo, Japan came from Nyotaimori, an extremely rare practice of serving sashimi or sushi from the body of a woman, typically naked.

What's interesting about this restaurant, is that patrons do not eat what's on the body, but rather, the body itself!


Patrons are presented with a "human body" made from dough on what may seem to be an operating table and is rolled out into the dining room. 

Red sauce is added for life-like bleeding and the internal organs are lovingly and accurately reproduced with sushi and sashimi. 

You can choose between male or female bodies.

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