Top 10 Weird McDonald's Items From Around The World

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With some McDonald's customers have a new way to pay for their meals, here we present a list which you can order around the world. In fact, McDonald's gets a warmer reception overseas than back home.

10. The Croque McDo, France

The Croque McDo
Two slices of Emmental cheese and a slice of ham sandwiched between two pieces of toasted, sweetened bread.

9. The McBeer, Germany

The McBeer
I believe Kronenberg produces the beer that McDonalds uses, and is available all day.

8. The Maharaja Mac, India

McDonald's India
Similar to the Big Mac, but uses two spicy seasoned chicken burgers and a spicy version of their Big Mac sauce.

7. The McLobster Roll, Canada

The McLobster Roll
A soft bun filled with lobster claw and tail meat, mixed with pickled gherkin and mayonnaise.

6. Korokke Burger, Japan

Korokke Burger
Fried patty of mashed potato, topped with sweet cabbage, topped with teryaki sauce on a soft bun.

5. McLaks, Norway

Grilled salmon and dill sauce with mixed lettuce on a grained roll.

4. Gallo Pinto, Costa Rica

Gallo Pinto
Here, instead of fries you can opt for your value meal to have Gallo Pinto - seasoned rice and beans.

3. McSpaghetti, Philippenes


Spaghetti covered in spicy tomato sauce with cut up hot dogs through it.

2. Bubur Ayam, Malaysia

Bubur Ayam
A chicken-based sticky rice porridge.

1. McMolettes, Mexico

Refried beans, cheese and pico de gallo served on an English Muffin.

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