Top 10 Weird Food Combinations That Are Surprisingly Delicious

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Think you've lost your grasp on the creativity that allowed you to develop some strange yet delicious food combinations?

Don't worry. As we rounded up 10 food combinations that seem a little weird, and still totally edible.

10. Chocolate and Bacon

Who doesn't love a great combination of salty and sweet?

Chocolate-coated bacon is a definite step up from the more widely accepted chocolate-covered pretzels.

Dip cooked bacon in either milk or dark chocolate, add sea salt or crumbled nuts, and then let the chocolate harden.

9. Cocoa Powder and Avocado

If chocolate-flavored guacamole sounds like something straight out of your dreams, you're in luck.

Avocados and chocolate make a great team!

There are tons of recipes where you can combine these two delicious ingredients, including cake, pudding, mousse, truffles, and brownies.

This is what dreams are made of, people.

8. Salmon and Barbecue Sauce

Most of us love barbecue sauce, so this pairing seems like a win-win.

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