Top 10 Weird Cat Behaviours Tell You What They Want

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You’ve seen them doing weird and outrageous stuff all over the Internet.

All of the attention-seeking behavior boils down to their greatest trait – being able to manipulate owners into getting what they want .

Here are 10 weird behaviour tell you what your cats want.


Was your cat a baker in another life? No, your cat is most likely recalling its kitten days when it would knead the nipples of its mother to get milk.

The kneading motion consists of the cat pushing in and pulling out on material, like a soft blanket, with its front paws.

A popular theory for why cats knead is that the cat was most likely taken from its mother too early.

Another theory is that kneading is an inherited trait from ancestors to make a specific area for resting comfortable.

The cat is calm, content and affectionate when kneading and will often purr loudly and possibly suck on the blanket that it is kneading.


Some people may think that dogs rule and that cats suck. Well, some cats suck.Your cat may lick and suck on your wool or cotton materials.

This really isn’t a problem if you don’t mind a little cat spit.This unexplained behavior is also theorized to come from early weaning of kittens.

This behavior isn’t dangerous as long as your cat doesn’t ingest lint, wool or other materials when sucking.

A cat will also often encourage you to pet it while it sucks.However, most cats grow out of this behavior and move on to much stranger, unexpected behaviors.


When your cat gives you a head butt, consider it like receiving a high five from your furry little friend.

No, your cat wasn’t a ram in a past life either. This is just another way that some cats show affection.

Go ahead and head butt your cat when is starts to slowly charge its head to you. Not too hard though, just enough to reciprocate the strange affection.

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