Top 10 Weakest Devil Fruits in One Piece

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One Piece is the manga that always gives us surprise, as it not only brings real life prototypes into a whole new world, and it also involves so many imaginative settings such as the devil fruits.

What's more, you'll never know how many kinds of devil fruits that exist in the story of One Piece, and how weird the ability given by the fruit can be.

Here's the top 10 weakest devil fruits in One Piece

Honorable Mention- Kinemon of Foxfire

He may have just been introduced, but his devil fruit abilities are already seem weak.  He is able to create clothing out of sticks and leaves, and can seemingly communicate through flatulence. 

Both of these abilities are disheartening and useless. The only situation that would call for this ability are bad weather conditions, which conveniently has happened to him on Punk Hazard. 

The reason he is not on the list is because he is a new character and his ability might be more than just strictly specific situational.  He is based on the Tanuki, so he might have more tricks in his bag.

10. Buggy- Bara Bara no Mi or Chop-Chop Fruit

10. Buggy- Bara Bara no Mi or Chop-Chop Fruit

The Bara Bara no Mi Devil Fruit allows a person to perform the magic trick of sawing a woman in half to himself.  It is glorified magic trick and very fitting for a clown.

The only redeeming feature is that you are immune to being cut, rendering a swordsman useless. This ability would not be on the list if a good swordsman ate the fruit and would become one of the most formidable swordsman around. 

It does allow for limited levitation, but his feet must remain on the floor which is very limiting and can be annoying.  He can reconstruct his body in any imaginable way, but there are a not a lot of advantages of having your hands connected to the bottom of your feet.  This fruit is used as a parlor trick fitting of a clown.

9. Alvida- Sube Sube no Mi or Slip-Slip Fruit

9. Alvida- Sube Sube no Mi or Slip-Slip Fruit

Alvida was gifted with a curvaceous and beautiful body that was transformed from a bloated overweight blob of a body. 

I have the marketing strategy for this fruit, handsome man asks, “Are you big-boned or chubby, the the solution is the Sube Sube no Mi Devil Fruit is perfect for lean build beautiful body for the rest of your life.”

She ate the ultimate weight loss  product that would sell for millions in our world, but in a land of murderous pirates its value is not so high .

In addition to this everything slipping off her body, like fat and ugly, weapons and other people fists slip right off. 

This means no one can touch her or hold her without her slipping free. Past that this devil fruit provides very little in fighting power or usefulness. With a little Haki, anyone can connect a punch with her pretty face.

8. Hina- Ori Ori no Mi or Bind-Bind Fruit

8. Hina- Ori Ori no Mi or Bind-Bind Fruit

Hina is a Cage-Woman with the Ori Ori no Mi Devil Fruit. She is useless against weak or lower-level warriors who are strong enough to break her metal bindings.

A swordsman at Zoro’s level could also cut the metal bars.  Other strong opponents could use Haki to disable her ability, allowing them to touch her without going through her and being trapped. 

This ability might be used for other means.  She might be able to bind other things, maybe inanimate objects such as air or senses and thus increasing her functionality.

But all the idea does not translate into what she is capable of doing and that is creating iron bars around foes.

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