Top 10 Ways Floyd "Money" Mayweather Flaunting His Insane Wealth

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How's "Money" spend his money?

Aside from Floyd Mayweather's great boxing skills and undefeated record, he's also known for his way of spending money. Unlike other super-rich athletes like Tiger Woods and Tom Brady, Floyd is not afraid to flaunt his wealth. Here to see the crazy ways Floyd Mayweather spends his money.

10. Cash lover

He has a single bank account with $123 million in it. He's obsessed with cash.

9. Money maker

He got paid for his last fight against Canelo Alvarez in one $40 million check.

8. Cars

He has two fleets of luxury cars (including a $290,000 Bentley). All his cars at his Miami house are white, and the cars at his Vegas house are black.

7. Shoes

He only wears shoes once and leaves them in hotel rooms for the staff when he's done. Hopefully his shoes provide enough sole support for a long day of housekeeping.

6. Boxers

He spends $6,500 per year on boxers. He throws them out after wearing them once.

5. Bets

He is known for making insane, seven-figure bets on sporting events. There was even a rumor that he bet $5.9 million on the Miami Heat in the playoffs.

4. The ring

He spreads the wealth. He bought his ex-fiancee Shantel Jackson this $13-million-dollar ginormous ring before their ugly break up.

3. Gifts for other girlfriend

He is rumored to have six girlfriends, and on the evening of one of his fights, each of his six girlfriends received an expensive gown.

2. Full-time Barber

It’s not exactly a luxurious expense for a wealthy person, but this guy is bald. This is the type of nonsense that led heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson to spend $150,000,000 in under twenty years.

1. The Money Team

He has an apparel company called The Money Team, but no deals with Nike, Adidas, or Reebok.

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