Top 10 Unbelievable Catches in NFL History

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Beckham's superhuman grab may well be the best ever. But with so many memorable, historic touchdowns scored on the grand stage of the playoffs, you can call the latest highlight super, but Beckham still can't crack this Top 10 unbelievable catches in NFL history.

10.Lynn Swann

Pittsburgh's Lynn Swann became the first receiver named Super Bowl MVP with his magical performance in a 21-17 win over Dallas to capture Super Bowl X. No catch was more spectacular than his acrobatic lunge for a 53-yard gain with a Cowboys defender draped over him. Put it to classical music and watch it in slow motion and you’ve got football as art.

9.Troy Polamalu

With his patented free-flowing locks, Troy Polamalu always looks good on a football field, but he looked particularly spectacular against the San Diego Chargers in 2008. After a strike from Phillip Rivers bounced off receiver Vincent Jackson, the menacing defensive back swooped in to make this wow of a one-handed interception.

8.Marty Booker

Of course, as Beckham Jr showed us, great catches don’t always come in big spots. Marty Booker made this grab off a Kyle Orton throw in an ordinary game in October of 2008 for the Chicago Bears at Ford Field in Detroit. As Larry David would say, “pret-ty good”.

7.Rob Gronkowski

Here is a catch from just a few weeks ago — a one-handed snatch by Rob Gronkowski against the Denver Broncos. It was so good that Tom Brady had to ask the obvious question: How the f*ck did you catch that?

It’s a reasonable query considering …

6.Pierre Garçon

Then with the Indianapolis Colts, this 2010 one-handed Pierre Garçon catch against Washington is of the Odell Beckham Jr variety. As NBC’s Al Michaels said, it was “like he had a cesta in a jai-alai fronton”, which seems fairly accurate. Apologies for the wildly bizarre music at the top of the clip — luckily it goes away quickly.

5.Franco Harris

Sticking with the Steelers, every list must include the “Immaculate Reception” of 1972. In the AFC Divisional Playoff Game, time was running down on Pittsburgh with the Raiders holding a 7-6 lead. On 4th and 10 with 22 seconds remaining, Bradshaw scrambled out of pressure and fired a pass that bounced off Oakland’s Jack Tatum and into the hands of Franco Harris, who ran it in for the winning touchdown. It’s just the kind of play that makes you say, “You can’t make this sh*t up” — and for exactly that reason.

4.Edwin Baptiste

I know, I know — we said NFL, but how can you have a list of great football catches and leave this one out? Edwin Baptiste of Morgan State made this catch, headlines and highlights reels back in 2008 against Winston-Salem State.

3.Antonio Freeman

It looked like another careless Brett Favre chuck, and everybody thought it was incomplete, except Antonio Freeman. On a Monday night in 2000 in overtime against the Minnesota Vikings, Chris Dishman looked like he broke up the pass play. No. The ball bounced off the back of Freeman, who was already on the turf, and the Packers wideout reached out and pulled the ball in with his right hand. Then he was smart enough to get up and run into the endzone — game over. It sent Lambeau Field and the broadcast booth into hysterics, while even the bedazzled referee had to smile.

2.Dwight Clark

Another mainstay on any Top 10 NFL catch list is “The Catch.” Not only did Joe Montana’s famed touchdown pass to Dwight Clark in the back of the endzone beat the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC Championship Game, but it kickstarted the San Francisco 49ers’ NFL dynasty. As a bonus, here’s the call from legendary broadcaster Vin Scully.

1.David Tyree

Here's the setup. A not-so-mobile Eli Manning scrambled from the teeth of the undefeated Patriots' pass rush and flung a desperation heave on third down that David Tyree hauled in – by securing the ball against his helmet – for a 37-yard catch with 59 seconds left in Super Bowl XLII. Manning hit Plaxico Burress for the winning TD four plays later.

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