Top 10 Types of Instagram Pics That Every Girl Posts

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We’re so tired of those typical Instagram snaps of girls enjoying their perfect, authentic, Pinterest-ready lives. 

So we had to giggle when we saw the Instagram account 'Bros Being Basic,' who hilariously imitate basic bitches on Instagram.

Actually it’s pretty easy to spot a basic bitch. If you see someone continually post these 10 types of Instagram pics, there’s a good chance she’s one of the many basic bitches clogging up your Instagram feed with wine glasses and bubble bath pics.

10. Starbucks

Ah, a staple of Instagram. I rarely even notice these anymore. Just avoid posting your coffee with your misspelled name on it, because we care just as much as the person who prepared your drink.

9. Beach Pic


Not much to say here. Keep the bathing suit pics flowing.

8. Pretending Not to Stick My Ass Out


Let me take a casual pic with friends and pretend to not push my ass out! Easy to rip on, but these aren’t so bad either.

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