Top 10 Truly Weird Things You Can Buy on Alibaba

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With a name like Alibaba Group, the Chinese e-commerce giant was bound to make money. Just how much. $1 billion in 17 minutes, that’s totally enough.

I bet it’s not the first time you’ve heard of Alibaba as the company has been getting a lot of attention for potentially filing for the largest IPO of all time a few months ago. But what should be getting attention is some of the strange things for sale on their website. And here are the Top 10 weird items you can buy on Alibaba.

10. Inflatable Sex Dolls

Inflatable Sex Dolls

No comment.

9."Cheap" male condoms

"Cheap" male condoms

Condoms are expensive - but not when you buy in bulk! Ali Baba lists jimmy hats at 25 cents a pop. They also come in various sizes and flavors such as fruit, chocolate, flowers, and coffee, so, you know, protected sex can be fun, too.

8.Well-endowed caveman robot

Well-endowed caveman robot

Metal frame construction. Motorized human-like animation. Swinging penis. This humanoid robot has it all. I suppose there's some sort of educational capability in these proto-human automatons, but we just can't get past the pasty dangler it comes equipped with.

7.Vladmir Putin oil painting

Vladmir Putin oil painting

What a perfect conversation piece for the mantle in your hunting lodge. These curiously accurate Putin portraits are done in oil and acrylic and come with an option of frames. Expect delivery in 5-45 (?) days.

6.Frozen Chicken Feet

Frozen Chicken Feet

Minimum order quantity: 25 metric tons.

5.A Light Saber Umbrella

A Light Saber Umbrella

May the force stay dry.

4. Swimming Lap(top)s

Swimming Lap(top)s

Are you obsessed with work? Do you have no fear of electrocution? Bring your laptop in the bathtub with you with this handy inflatable laptop float!

3.Live goats

Live goats

Not much to say here. Live goats from New Zealand in units of 6,000. Goat cheese is expensive, so take some initiative and start churning it out yourself.

2. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

We can think of one or two reasons why people might not believe you when you send out selfies of you and Steve Jobs. But who are we to stop you from trying by buying this life-size silicone reproduction.

1.Barf Bib

Barf Bib

Heard of a barf bag? Alibaba one-ups that concept with the barf bib.

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