Top 10 Truly Awful Victoria's Secret Photoshop Fails

28510 People Viewed - about 38 months ago

It's hardly a secret that Victoria's Secret Photoshops its models. 

But the lingerie company hardly helped its own edit-happy reputation when it shared a poorly edited image to its Facebook page.

And here’re 10 more Victoria’s Secret’s most egregious Photoshop disasters

10. What is going on with this model's leg?

This Victoria's Secret model has unusually shaped legs ... some of the time.

9. This model's waist seems partially altered.

Well, in Victoria’s Secret-ville they say, this lady’s right hip grew three sizes that day.

8. Perfect body?

This woman’s also 11 feet tall, and half of that is torso. Imagine how hard it is for her to tie shoes. Very sad.

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