Top 10 Things That Make Kanye West Smile

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Kanye West is notorious for remaining straight faced in photographs but that doesn’t mean he can’t smile. The following are the Top 10 things that can actually make West smile.

10.Will Ferrell

Kanye West, a huge fan of the "Anchorman" series, made a small cameo in the movie's sequel.  

Naturally, when he was on set, he worked with star Will Ferrell. It seems impossible for anyone not to crack a smile around Ferrell. However, Ferrell states that Kanye took his role in the movie quite seriously. 


When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West went zip-lining in Mexico in spring 2014, he looked absolutely ecstatic.  

The grin couldn't make up for the fact that a post-zip-lining photo surfaced of Kim with "Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis and Kanye though. In this photo, he sits glumly while Kim and Francis ham it up for the camera. 

8.Roller Coasters

Clearly, from his zip-lining expedition, Kanye enjoys some fast thrills.  

Back in 2012, he and Kim Kardashian visited amusement park Six Flags Magic Mountain. While there, they rode the Love Roller Coaster. Photos surfaced of the Kardashian clan looking horrified on the ride, but Kanye smiled the whole time.

7.Ice Cream

A few paparazzi shots surfaced of Kanye enjoying an ice cream cone, and the smile on his face is unmatched by perhaps only his self-addressed autograph.  

A 2013 photo set saw a huge spread on the Internet as fans marveled at the fact that Kanye actually can smile. 

6.Playing Beyonce in Connect Four

Back in 2008, a photo surfaced of Kanye West and Beyonce having just played board game Connect Four. Kanye clearly was the victor, as he's seen both pointing at the game and smiling brightly.  

According to Stereogum, Kanye turned to the board game on tour to calm down, and when he heard that Beyonce was quite skilled at getting four in a row, he had to challenge her. 


In 2013, Jimmy Iovine held a star-studded event that included guests like Diddy, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Oprah. A picture surfaced from the party of Diddy and Kanye smiling with the TV mogul.  

Kanye, believe it or not, actually almost looks the happiest out of the bunch. That's quite a rarity for him. 

4.Hanging out with John Mayer

Before Kanye West became a huge superstar and John Mayer a womanizing crooner, the two were innocent musicians and friends. They even recorded a song together that never saw major release called "Bittersweet." No word on whether seeing Mr. Mayer would make Kanye smile these days. 

3.His Daughter

Children can melt even the iciest of hearts, and it appears that Kanye West's not immune. After his wife Kim Kardashian gave birth to daughter North West in 2013, a few photos have surfaced of Kanye actually smiling when around his daughter. 

2.Kim Kardashian

Only Kardashian can make West smile like this. 


It's no secret to anyone that Kanye West is a bit self-centered. He also doesn't seem to smile much.  

However, when a photo surfaced on social media site Tumblr of Kanye smiling and gazing longingly at an autographed photo of himself that he had signed, he looked happier than he'd ever been. It turns out that the picture was a part of a sketch show on Comedy Central called "Alligator Boots."


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