Top 10 Things in Sports We're Grateful for on Thanksgiving

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Thank you, Benjamin Watson! Thanks for having the courage to speak out loudly.

While you get set to stuff your face full of delicious food and spend time with family, it would be fun to take a look at top 10 things in sports that we're grateful for.

10. Thanksgiving Day Football

Thanksgiving Day Football 

We can always count on one thing when it comes to the NFL and Thanksgiving: The Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions will be playing. Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without a healthy side dish of football served up to go along with the rest of your meal.

9. LeBron James

LeBron James 

It's time to be thankful for the best basketball player on the planet. Nothing is better than coming back to the Cavaliers, chasing his NBA title.

8. Tom Brady & Peyton Manning

Tom Brady & Peyton Manning 

Fans of great quarterback play have been spoiled ever since Tom Brady and Peyton Manning entered the league. And on Thanksgiving, it's time to appreciate everything they've done for the sport and their respective franchises.

7. Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry 

Curry has blossomed into a superstar. Even if you don't cheer for the Golden State Warriors, you have to love watching Curry play.

6. Sports GIFs


GIFs have become one of the most common things we've seen spread across social media. Be thankful that we can enjoy bizarre moments like this one - when the Cavaliers' water boy was caught filling a Powerade bottle with Gatorade.

5. Rivalries


As the year goes on, teams of all sports will scribe new chapters in their respective rivalries. Enjoy it while you can, because this is one element that makes sports worth watching.

4. Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant 

When Jordan retired, Bryant was the shooting guard who filled the void. You have to be grateful for the Black Mamba. He's a unique talent; no matter what obstacle he faces, he never quits.

3. Odell Beckham Jr.'s Catch

Odell Beckham Jr.'s Catch 

You don't even have to be a Giants fan to appreciate the magnitude of this catch. It could have happened in the Super Bowl against your favorite team, and chances are that you would have just shrugged it off as you were left picking your jaw off the floor.

2. Twitter


Sure, Twitter can be exasperating and self-indulging. But once you boil it down and get past the nonsense, it's actually one of the most powerful tools we have as sports fans.

1. Our Favorite Teams

Our Favorite Teams 

The one thing we can all be grateful for is our favorite teams. Throughout all of the lows and highs, fans stay true to their clubs. And what make sports great are the fans and their passion for the game.

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