Top 10 Things Cats Are Secretly Obsessed With

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People are always talking about, like, yarn and tuna and catnip or whatever.

But what you'd better know is, these are the things that cats REALLY care about.

10. Balloons

A balloon, for a cat, is the most powerful symbol of what they could be if they were rounder and floatier.

A state of being that is often thought to be their only true ambition beyond negotiating a recurring second dinner.

9. Falling asleep on the job.

Falling asleep on the job serves two purposes for a cat.

It involves falling asleep, which is an end in itself, and it is an essential play in the significant lowering of expectations that is the lynchpin of any serious cat’s long-term political strategy.

8. Portals

Portals are a natural focus for cats due to their borderline pathological disdain for the fundamental laws of the universe.

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