Top 10 Theme Restaurants You Won't Believe Actually Exist

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You’ve probably heard of strange delicacies from around the world, but what about strange theme restaurants?

It’s not only about the food, it’s about the experience.

You won’t believe that the following 10 theme restaurants actually exist.

10. Modern Toilet, Taiwan

 Modern Toilet, Taiwan

This bathroom themed restaurant chain based in Taiwan attracts customers from all over.

The restaurant features toilet seat chairs, sink-tables, and urinal shaped glasses.

According to their website, the owners of this unique restaurant were inspired after reading the manga, “Dr. Slump On The Toilet.”

They launched their idea by selling chocolate ice cream in containers shaped like toilets.

9. Heart Attack Grill, US

 Heart Attack Grill, US

The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas is unlike any other burger joint: they are more than upfront about how harmful their food is; in fact, their entire restaurant is based on that fact.

This hospital themed burger joint features foods like the 10 000 calorie “Quadruple Bypass Burger,” waitresses in nurse costumes and the cremated remains of their customers (at least, so the owner claims).

8. Hello Kitty Restaurant, Hong Kong

 Hello Kitty Restaurant, Hong Kong

According to Time, Hello Kitty is more popular in Hong Kong than it is in its country of origin, Japan.

Hence why Hong Kong has recently opened it’s first Hello Kitty Chinese restaurant, featuring Hello Kitty shaped food, and Hello Kitty themed furniture.

The owner of the restaurant, Man Kwong, began negotiations with Sanrio, the company that owns Hello Kitty, in late 2013.

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