Top 10 Stupidest Ways Criminals Got Themselves Caught

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Breaking the law, committing crimes and running out of it can surely tag a criminal as smart. 

But not all criminals are smart. In fact, some criminals have done utterly stupids things to get themselves in trouble

Here are those 10 most stupid ways criminals got themselves caught.

10. A Way Too Grateful Employee

Graham Price of south Wales was a hard-working and honest employee who couldn’t hide how grateful he was to his bosses, even when he decided to rip off the bank where he worked. 

So, before he stole the money he needed, he made sure to leave a note with his signature, explaining: “Borrowed, seven million pounds. Thank you”

9. Showing ID During Robbery

Few years back in Colorado Springs, one robber walked into the store and demanded the cashier to get the cash out of the drawer and put them in his bag while pointing the gun. 

He also demanded the cashier to include the bottle of scotch found behind the counter. The cashier hesitated as he told the robber that he doesn’t believe he is of legal age to purchase alcohol. 

To prove the cashier that he is beyond 21, the robber pulled out his driver’s license and showed it to the cashier. 

He got the bottle of scotch, yes. He also got traced without effort by the police afterwards.

8. Falling Asleep Under Victim’s Bed While at “Work”

Mark Smith thought he was Britain’s baddest thief when he broke into Heather Stephenson’s home to steal all he could from her jewelry box, but unfortunately for this “genius,” the vodka and Valium he had taken earlier was taking its toll. 

As a result, Smith took a nap as a free man under Heather’s bed and woke up several hours later behind bars.

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